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Gordy's Flytrap Fitting

Solve Your Fly Problems Now*

flytrap1If you have a fly problem around the house, farm or where animals are housed and you would like to use an environmental and natural fly control method, try a Gordys Flytrap Fitting.

Gordys Flytrap Fitting does not require the use of pesticides, insecticides or pest control sprays for the fly trap to work.

*Not effective for the cluster fly

Cost Effective And Efficient

bucketoffliesYou can give a plastic supermarket shopping bag a second use by turning it into a fly catcher or you can turn paint pails into fly traps. Just about any old container that can hold water will do!

Gordy’s Flytrap Fitting is great for using around the farm to reduce flystrike on livestock. Plus they are easy to move so you can keep them near your livestock.

In the height of summer, when used correctly, Gordy’s Flytrap Fitting can catch on average five flies per minute, which is over a week equates to 15 litres, and attract flies from over a kilometer away. To see how easy they are to set up check out our Instructions page, or order here.

Benefits Of Gordy's Flytrap Fitting

 Convenient and easy to set up and shift
 Use multiple units for maximum coverage
 Extremely efficient even in summer months
 The cost efficient solution to control your fly population
 Great for places animals are housed
 Solve your fly problems around your home
 Safe and environmentally friendly
 Use around the farm to reduce flystrike on livestock

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Gordy's Flytrap Fitting
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