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About Gordys Flytrap Fitting

Principles Of Gordys Flytrap Fitting

The fitting is made from polycarbonate, UV protected for strength and durability.

The large recess before the entry point allows flies to enter the trap at 70mm from the window, giving more space for flies to move away from the entry point.

The grill is to allow a greater volume of scent to exit and allows trapped flies walking on the window to investigate fresh air without finding the exit. The grill also allows the airflow to reduce the internal trap temperature if placed in direct sunlight.

When placing the trap in position place the blade at 90 degrees to the prevailing wind.

In air movement the blade, 20mm above the window, creates low pressure or venturi thus drawing the scent from the container.

When using a 10 litre paint pail or similar with a recessed lid, the rain will top-up water lost through evaporation.

One of the basic premises of Gordys Flytrap Fitting is simplicity of use. While not quite “set and forget,” once you have a container setup for your fitting, the process is:

  • place bait/attractant in container
  • place netting and weight over bait
  • add water to fill container by one-third
  • place fitting/lid on container
  • set out in chosen place

and check weekly.

Setup Instructions

For information on how to set up the following to use with the flytrap fitting, click on the links below:

Fitting and Baiting Instructions

Download Instructions