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Fitting and Baiting Instructions


One of the basic premises of Gordys Flytrap Fitting is simplicity of use. While not quite “set and forget,” once you have a container setup for your fitting, the process is

  • place bait/attractant in container,
  • place netting and weight over bait,
  • add water to fill container by one-third,
  • place fitting/lid on container,
  • set out in chosen place, and
  • check weekly.


Suitable baits/attractants include:

  • liver
  • fish offal
  • road kill
  • rabbit
  • possum
  • meat

Generally, these attractants used at 170 grams per litre of water will last approximately 7 days. After which the dead flies will become their own bait. If after 10 days, there is a cold period of three to four days, the trap may stop working, so empty and re-set the trap.

Please note: Do not use anything that has been cooked.

Netting and Weight


netting10mm netting wire, roughly fashioned into a bowl shape, placed inverted over bait.


weightCan be anything non-organic and heavy enough to keep netting covering the bait when water is added to the trap. Examples weights might include, small metal block, small piece of concrete, stone or broken paver.

Baiting The Trap

Step 1

Place your attractant into your flytrap container.

Step 2

Place your netting over the bait.

Step 3

bait weight
Place your weight on top of the netting.

Step 4

bait water
Pour in water to fill your container to one third full. (Note: ensure you have complete coverage of your attractant)

Step 5

Place flytrap fitting onto container and the flytrap is ready to use.

Step 6

fitting rain
Finally, especially in high rainfall areas to stop too much rain water entering the container, tape the ends of the fitting to the container.

For information on how to set up the following to use with the flytrap fitting, click on the links below:

Download Instructions