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Instructions 20 Litre Plastic Container

Instructions – 20 Litre Plastic Container


  • 20 litre plastic container,
  • Screwdriver – large,
  • Marker Pen,
  • a straightedge,
  • Jig-saw or similar cutting device,
  • file,
  • Gordys Flytrap Fitting.


  1. Place container on its side.
  2. Using the screwdriver, punch a hole in the center of the side of the container.
  3. Using the puncture hole as a starting point, with the Jig-saw cut a 100mm hole in the centre of the side. The hole should be large enough to allow the centerpiece of the fitting to slip in.
  4. Place the fitting into the hole.
  5. With the marker pen draw part-way around two sides’ of the flytrap fitting.
  6. remove the flytrap fitting.
  7. Use the straightedge and marker pen to draw parallel lines across, approximately 140 – 150mm apart, to join part drawings from 5 above.
  8. With the Jig-saw, starting from the centre hole, cut-out along markings.
  9. If necessary, use file to remove burrs caused by cutting the hole.
  10. place fitting into cutting to ensure a comfortable fit.

Your container is now ready to use. For information on baiting and setting the trap, please read ourĀ instructions page.