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Instructions Plastic Shopping Bag


  • Large Plastic Shopping Bag,
  • Roll of Nylon String,
  • Gordys Flytrap Fitting


  1. Loop String through centre of Fitting and tie off.
  2. Insert your bait into the plastic bag.
  3. Insert Gordys Flytrap Fitting into the plastic bag.
  4. Taking each handle of the bag, tie a knot which will create a closure large enough to allow the Fitting to be pulled into.
  5. Reach into the bag and pull the fitting upward with the blade and text face-up.
  6. Fill the Trap with water, through the Fitting, to one fifth filled.
  7. Tie the rope to a structure, eg a tree branch, ensuring the shopping bag actually sits on the ground.

Your Shopping Bag Fly Trap is now ready to use. The Shopping Bag Fly Trap is one of the easiest for disposal of dead flies. For bait information, please read our instructions page