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Testimonials From Happy Customers

“The only flies we have had in the house are the ones taking a shortcut to the trap.”
Department of Conservation, Maud Island
“I have purchased 4 of these fittings and found them so good I want 6 more.”
Anne Dennis, Lindisburn, Cromwell
“Where have all the flies gone? Gordon you little beauty. Absolutely brilliant flytrap.”
David Western
“I bought three flytraps, in one week I had one nearly full.”
Simon Goodwin
“At certain times of the season, the barrels would catch up to 30 litres of flies, reducing flystrike and chemical spraying.”
Jim West, Sheepfarmer, Ward
“I have trialed this fitting on a paint pail with outstanding results. It’s ability to attract and trap flies is better than excellent. Magnificent invention Gordon.”
Keith van Asch
“I used Gordy’s flytrap at the piggery. It proved to be an effective and environmentally friendly way of controlling our fly population.”
Campbell Ingram